A complete range of Thermal Transfer ribbons at your service, evolving according to your needs, to satisfy current and future automatic identification applications, and exceed market expectations.

The Wax Range

AWR® / AWX® is an economic identification option developed for “flat head” technology: it stands out for its versatility of receivers, adapted to all vellum and wrapping paper supports.

This range is recognized for its exceptional qualities of sensitivity and blackness. The properties of the backcoating provide optimum protection of the print head.

The qualities are distinguished from each other by the printing powers they require. Its mechanical resistance (friction) is good in the AWX® range.

Wax – Resin

The APR® / APX® wax-resin range is first of all appreciated for its high levels of performance and its versatility of applications.

This range of tapes finds a particularly high level of quality in paper and synthetic paper supports (PE, PP, PET, etc.).

It offers good mechanical resistance performance, a strong ability to print barcodes at 90 °, as well as true print fineness.


For Super Premium applications, Resin quality: AXR®
Products in the AXR® range are intended for extremely demanding applications. Made up of high-tech products, the ARMOR resin range is particularly recommended for synthetic substrates (PE, PP, PET).

The performance of these products is linked to their resistance capabilities: mechanical resistance, resistance to temperature, solvents and certain detergents. Some are designed for specific applications (printing of textile supports, for example.